Principle M is a premium tailored clothing label & classical menswear shop in Beijing

We make high quality tailored clothing, accessories and offer a variety of other heritage brands. Our team is passionate about classical menswear and we enjoy the personal interaction with clients to give them the best service, fit and style.


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Christmas Party Casino Royale 2018 | Video

It has been another year filled with old friends and new friends. Over 2018 we had several events, trunk shows and launched new products. Of course, we also continue to offer our tailored clothing and continue to preach classical style.…
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New Product Launch | A Timeless Product for World-travelers

Yoojeong Chae is a Korean leather Artisan based in Beijing. She initially started as a fashion designer with a degree from Tsinghua University of Design. She started her career at Escada in Germany, which is where she found her passion for…

B&Tailor's Bespoke Suit Start To Finish

  A beautifully tailored garment takes a litiile bit time. In this video, it shows the process of bespoke suit from start to finsh.  
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