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Principle M three pieces suit in Tassels. Lumb’s Golden Bale by Taylor & Lodge Huddersfield

Principle M

Principle M is a made to measure tailored clothing label. We are the first made to measure brand in Beijing that offers image consulting along side our tailoring services. We design and create high quality tailored clothing that not only fits our client’s body but their character, career and lifestyle alike.

Why Principle M Started

Principle M was founded in 2013 by a group of discerning men with a passion for classical menswear. They found it difficult to find a tailoring service in Beijing that offered quality garments. Hence, the Principle M brand was started to offer men in Beijing the best tailored clothing and a service they could trust, at an honest price.

Main Offerings

Principle M’s main offering is tailored suits and shirts as well as accessories. You will find that the experience at Principle M is less like shopping and more like creating and designing something for you.

Image Consulting

Principle M’s unique image consulting service is designed to help our clients choose the best options for their sartorial needs. Typically, the first time you meet with an image consultant at Principle M, they will learn about your career, personality and image goals, then they will give you suggestions that will suit your carrer, personality and lifestyle alike. There is no charge for this service as it’s a part of the experience of purchasing clothing at Principle M.