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When it comes to sports, such as golf, we can’t help but let our passion and enthusiasm for classical menswear flourish. Golf is extremely social when playing for leisure and part of leisure is to have an opportunity to show off your best colours and peacock a little bit.

Golf is a sport that can be a bit intimidating. If you walk onto a course with a few buddy’s and you have a lousy shot, it can feel a bit embarrassing. Also, historically, if you walked on with the wrong shoes or trousers, you could be told to go to the pro-shop and get the proper attire.

Nowadays, golf has become a more inviting sport and the dress codes are out the door and you can wear almost whatever you want anywhere you are able to walk onto a course—be it sportswear or knickerbockers. However, if you are new to the game, your stroke might take time to get up to par, but you can be sure you are dressed properly from day one. 

We asked a few of our friend’s at the Beijing Golf Club about their attire on the course and will leave you with our take on what we think are some approachable and comfortable outfits for the course based on our love of classical menswear and some advice from the Beijing Golf Club members.

Differences In The Dressing Culture On Chinese Golf Courses Among Different Countries

Mace (USA): Back home I wear pretty similar. Most of the clubs would require shirts and pants. I like a vest because it doesn’t restrict your arms.

Par (Sweden): In Sweden, its a little bit more relaxed, not only just for the rich people, here is more selected. But the outfit is basically the same.

Magnus (Sweden): Pretty much the same. Though I might wear different shoes, based on the temperature, and the humidity of the grass.

Lenny (Australia): The rules seem to be pretty relaxed in China, pretty much all men wear a collared shirt with trousers or shorts. It’s nice that you don’t feel the weight of the rules behind you and I’ve never seen the lack of dress etiquette being abused.


Mr. Zhang (China): I prefer casual. But I know it’s a gentlemen’s sport, so I try to dress accordingly.

Mr. Zhang and Justin

Who influences you?

Lenny: Without question Adam Scott, he’s Australian like myself and has the most elegant and coveted swing in golf. He’s sponsored by Uniqlo which says you only need to wear the most basic of clothes on the course yet the colours he wears are subtly unique yet elegant. The fact that no one else has the same sponsors makes him stylistically an individual. He could easily slip on a jacket and move into the clubhouse or head out for casual dinner. I think a lot of people misunderstand his style as golf has become more athletic and dominated by sportswear companies.

Drew (U.S. living in Vietnam): I really like Rickie Fowler for his style and game, as well as the fact he’s a perennial winner of the “nicest guy on tour” award. He reps Cobra Golf (subsidiary of Puma) and they have some pretty innovative styles, most of which I like.

How to dress on the golf course?

Let’s start with hats.

If you are on the course playing 18 holes, you may be under the sun for a while. This is a great opportunity to wear a Panama hat or straw hat for sunny days. Perhaps a flat cap on less sunny but chilly days. Bucket hats have also been quite popular in recent years as well as in the past (Michael Jordan) and shield you from the sun or even rain. Either way, you will need some headgear to protect yourself from the sun.

Michael Jordan and Bill Clinton

Nowadays, there are many shirt options and we would always recommend being slightly overdressed than underdressed so go with any shirt with a collar such as a polo. Let’s take a look back at Arnold Palmer’s outfits in his early days and get some inspiration for a good polo shirt and a cardigan for additional warmth for early spring or autumn days.

Notice the fit of these polos isn’t tight nor constricting for ease when swinging. The fabrics were most likely 100% natural fibers, which will keep you cool and dry with cotton or linen blends or warmer and dry with wool blends.

Arnold Palmer

“I think the shirt is the bottom line. Has to look good and be functional. Always have a nice shirt.”

– Mace, playing Golf since his 20s

Given the classical inspiration we always love to share, we’d suggest a pair of cotton trousers that have a mid-rise with pleats and a more generous cut—this will be a bit more breathy and allow for ease of movement. If you want to take some inspiration to go a little wild, take a look at Ian Poulter’s tartan trousers or Arnold Palmer’s windowpane trousers–a look that you will love or hate.

We’ve met some great personalities on the course and whether you are on the course for leisure or trying to make a business deal, just remember clothing is an expression of who you are. No matter what you wear, be confident in your choice of attire.

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