B&Tailor’s Bespoke Suit Start To Finish


A beautifully tailored garment takes a litiile bit time. In this video, it shows the process of bespoke suit from start to finsh.



B&Tailor’s Sixth Trunk Show at Principle M, November 24 & 25

B&Tailor is coming to Beijing for their sixth truck show at Principle M on November 24th & 25th. Our friends and customers had a great time with the guys from B&T in their previous truck shows. If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment, email us at info@principlem.com




B&Tailor’s Fifth Trunk Show at Principle M [Video]

B&Tailor made their fifth trip to Principle M in the end of June. We had a great time with the guys from B&T as well as our dear friends and customers. Check out our video that Nicolas filmed and produced, it gives a great idea of the vibe over the weekend. We are looking forward to the next trunk show already!



B&Tailor Back in Beijing; June 23-24

Chad and Changhoon will be back in Beijing this weekend for another Bespoke Trunk Show. This time Chad will also bring a limited quantity of his Chad Prom double-inverted-pleat ready-to-wear jeans as well.

See you guys here as well as our clients for fittings. If you are interested in the jeans or dropping by to commission a suit, email us or drop by our shop.


B&Tailor Trunk Show March 17 & 18

Email for appointments: info@principlem.com

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2017 Year in Review [VIDEO]

2017 was a fantastic year and it is a little bittersweet to say goodbye. One of the biggest steps we’ve made in our short history of three-and-a-half years in operation was the move to our new showroom in Beijing. We worked with MDDM, an Italian-German Architect Studio in Beijing to design the space. We wanted something simple and modern to let our classical clothing take the spotlight and with an open work space, similar to our old location.

During the year we also hosted several trunk shows with bespoke Korean House B&Tailor and Igarashi and Sarto Domenica from Japan, who have both been warmly welcomed.

We’ve expanded our collection of ready to wear by introducing brands such as Valstar, Hestra, Chrysalis, Private White V.C., Calabrese, Johnstons of Elgin and more. Along with these brands, we’ve continued to make our own private label ties in Paris and belts in the south of France.

Our bread and butter is our made to measure suits and shirts and we’ve consistently nailed our customers fittings, made the right suggestions and of course we make sure from start to finish each customer is satisfied with the service, style and end results.

So, as you can see it is a little bittersweet to say goodbye to 2017. However, we are very excited for what we have planned in 2018. You can expect continued trunk shows from bespoke tailors, consistent development in our house made to measure, more new ready to wear products from European brands as well as our own ready to wear products rolling out throughout the year.

Most importantly, thanks to all of you for your support & love of classical menswear! We’ve enjoyed all of the moments in-between the ‘work’ and look forward to more great times together.


Mystery Bespoke Tailor

If you’ve been to Principle M, then it probably isn’t a big mystery to know that Jamen is doing one-off bespoke garments between his other work such as made to measure fittings, meeting with clients and smirking in a few photos here and there. It’s a pleasure to have such a skilled craftsman on our team. Who knows, maybe you can commission a suit with Jamen next.