New 21 F/W Fabric Arrivals

Since the 16th century, Scabal has offered the finest luxury fabric from England, at their own mill in Huddersfield, Yorkshine, where the soft water gives the cloths a recognizable fine finish. During the years, they have worked with great artists like Salvador Dali and the stars in Hollywood. Most notably, Marlon Brando’s tuxedo in The Godfather.

In Casino, almost every one of Robert DeNiro’s iconic 70 suits were made with the assistance of Scabal.


Designed for a gentleman on the move looking for a suit he can depend on, Jet Set is a select collection of suiting fabrics that deliver an understated business look. The Super 150’s Wool is soft yet robust, with plain colours suitable for businesswear, and a selection of stripes and checks. 


A rounded collection with some unexpected designs, this collection is a twil based 100% wool quality in the winter weight of 320gm with a soft dry hand feel which gives it a very English cloth feeling.


One of Scabal’s most popular collections, Galaxy has been refreshed for a new season. This Super 110’s wool fabric collection with 280gm weight is perfect for year-round suiting. It’s soft, luxurious and wrinkle-resistant.

For more 100% cashmere and cashmere blend fabric selections from Scabal, please visit our store. 

‘21 F/W Suitings & Jacketings’

Originated from Quarona, Italy, the Loro Piana family started off as merchants of wool fabrics in the 19th century, and have been wholesaling the world’s finest fabrics for generations. They’re mostly famous for their impeccably luxurious cashmere and limited Vicuña offerings. Besides the commercial success of the brand, Loro Piana remains one of the most popular fabric providers for tailored shops around the world, at a very good value too.

For the new season, Lora Piana brings us a well thought-out collection, including 100% New Zealand Wool, 100% Superfine Wool, and wool-cashmere blends. We selected a few fabrics we like from their newest 2021 F/W Jacketing and Suiting books:

Caccioppoli is one of the most popular brands at PM. They otignates in Naples, Italy, with a hundred-year history. They started off as merchants among with other merchants emerged in the 1950s in Naples, when they would welcome tons of tailors coming in to make purchases for their customers. Now they’re the only merchant left in town.



Famous for flannel, Fox Brothers is an English company whose heritage can be traced back to 1772. Introducing the 250th-anniversary jacketing collection, woven with 90% Merino Lambswool and 10% Cashmere. Soft with a superior drape, it’s a recommended choice for winter flannel.

In Homer’s Odyssey, a princess called Penelope married to the king of Ithaca, Odysseus, who was called for the Trojan War just after their son arrived. During the 20 years of the war, Penelope put off many suitors’ pursue for marriage by telling people that she now weaves a burial shroud for Odysseus’s elderly father Laertes and claiming that she will choose a suitor when she has finished, whereas every night for three years, she undoes part of the shroud. She was seen as a symbol of marital fidelity.

At La tela di Penelope, to protect and honour the tradition, the weavers weaving by using exactly the same wooden looms and exactly the same way Penelope did in Odyssey. The entire production is exclusively Italian hand-made. 

For this season, we bring this brand to you.


This season, we welcomed a new brand with its luxury jacketing fabrics. Using the finest wools expertly blended with Mongolian cashmere, have allowed the creation of fabrics that are soft to the touch but extremely resistant, too. Offering a mix of interesting checks, houndtooths and striped patterns, we recommend this to all of the Italian style lovers, at a reasonable price, too.

Established in 1885, Standeven is a prestigious British fabric factory whose fabric is manufactured at their own factory at Stanley Mills in West Yorkshire. The cloth is washed and pressed using only the purest water available straight from the Pennine Hills. Their mohair fabrics were one of the most popular collections at PM for spring and summer, for this winnter, we received their newest selections:


This flannel selection consists of a variety of fabrics including chalk stripes, houndtooth, checks, and a modern twist on the classic glen make this a comprehesive range of coordinated plains and designs. All using 100% Super 120’s Wool with 370g weight. 


Under the name of the great, this collection showcases the epotome of English quality, which evoked a by gone era and answering the contemporary demand for cloths of today with a vintage handwriting. Available from 390g to 580g using 100% wool, this is a nice collecton for winter jackets and suits.

We also imported a selection of vintage fabrics with very interesting and rare blends, including chinchilla/cashmere blended fabric, vintage cashmere Scabal fabrics and also fabrics with the luxurious vicuna. We look forward to welcoming you and this year’s fall winter season. Please don’t hesitate to drop into the shop or schedule an appointment to have a browse of these fabrics and more.

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