New 22 F/W Fabric Arrivals

The heat wave is finally coming to an end. Although it is not sweater weather yet, it is the best time for those who are planning to add a few new custom items to their wardrobe to start looking for fabric.

Today, I have compiled several brands’ new fabric collections for this autumn and winter, and let me tell you, there are full of surprises this year. Keep reading and I promise something will catch your eye.

his fall/winter Stylbiella is, in a word, bold, with new blends and weaves taking up a large part of the fabric book, such as the stretch jersey fabric that has been quite popular this year. After the launch of our hugely popular unstructured jersey jackets, more and more customers are writing to us asking for jersey fabrics and we are happy to offer more options.

Stylbiella’s jersey fabrics this season are exceptionally rich in patterns and forms, ranging from pure wool in a waffle pattern similar to our RTW jacket to fabrics that look very similar to flannel but with an excellent stretch, giving a new look to a classic fall/winter fabric; There are also more new jersey blends such as silk and wool blends and wool and cashmere blends for you to discover.

This year’s coating fabric book is also full of surprises, in addition to the new colors of wool and cashmere, there’re some unexpected new blends – the fur feel of cashmere and mohair blend, 100% wool corduroy coat fabric, and again, jersey fabrics – not only there’s 100% wool quasi-polar-fleece fabric that also has an excellent stretch, but there’s also alpaca, wool, cotton blend jersey fabrics. If you’re looking to try something new, we highly recommend looking at this year’s A/W fabrics.

Piacenza 1733, one of the oldest Italian fabric and clothing producers, is now in its 14th generation. This long-established fabric brand is still at the top of the field, and this year its fall/winter cashmere fabric selection is a bit more colorful than before, with not only pure cashmere coats but also a very wide selection of fabrics for suits and jackets.

Of course, Pacienza’s trump card is not only pure cashmere. We can see different blends of cashmere/mulberry silk/linen/baby camel and virgin wool in this year’s suit fabrics, even 100% cashmere denim fabric. The ratio of materials and weaving methods have been tested and perfected countless times to get this fabric book with such abundant texture and layers.

As a company with over 300 years of history, Piacenza has traveled to the lesser-known corners of the world to discover rare fibers. If you want to see rare fabrics such as baby camel, alpaca, or even vicuña, etc., Piacenza’s fabric book is not to be missed.

Piacenza even launched an entire collection of baby camel fabrics this year, with dozens of exquisite colors and patterns that further explore the potential of camel fabrics, which are usually seen in only a few solid colors. Weighing from 300 to 550 grams, you can find the right choice here whether it’s a jacket or an overcoat.

Loro Piana is often a good source for luxurious suits or jackets, Both pure cashmere and wool/cashmere blends are worthy of world-class quality. What I want to highlight is their sense of color, which is top-notch as well, each season there are interesting new weaves and textures, while always subtle.

ake this season’s fall/winter suit collection as an example, even for solid fabrics, Loro Piana does not use only one color of yarn, the most common gray and blue color have a thousand different layers when viewed close up, and can have different effects in different environments and light sources. This is the charm of Loro Piana – always the best in color control.

In the Giacche fabric book, Loro Piana is even more daring. Even the traditional English country patterns such as Donegal and shepherd check, Loro Piana innovates with an Italian take. Many colors that are uncommon or difficult to put together in the mind are not only created by Loro Piana but also held harmoniously and uniquely.

The best cashmere in the world comes from the Alashan region of Inner Mongolia, and where does the finest cashmere from Alashan go every year? The answer is Loro Piana. in the new fabric card for fall/winter 22, you will find not only wool and super fine worsted merino wool but also four options of pure cashmere – a luxurious feel that is unforgettable at first touch.  

Flannel is the principal winter fabric and a Draper’s icon. Perhaps because of the Italian fabric, Drapers’ flannel collection is mainly very light, but still soft and warm.  

Most flannels are intended for more formal wear, and therefore are pure, colder shades of grey and navy, with the occasional green or brown thrown in. But I highlight the flannels from Drapers for the same reason as the cords above from Loro Piana: the natural-feeling color range. The Lady Sanfelice bunch includes some cute patterns as well, such as the 1663 tartans in woolen flannel for a suit or jacket for daytime wear which evoke the most emotive and traditional winter season.

Last year we introduced you to the durable king of fall/winter fabrics, covert (aka calvary twill), and launched our very popular RTW covert trouser collection.

In this year’s Drapers Three Kings fabric collection, we were also surprised to find a 320g covert fabric. Its lightness makes it stand out among most of the 400+ grams of covert fabrics, making it great to wear all year round. The smooth feel and bright colors also show that covert can be more than thick, dense, and lowkey. If you want to feel the drape and shine of Covert other than autumn and winter, you can’t miss this collection.

The Three Kings collection also includes more pure wool and cotton-wool blended twill fabrics, such as gabardine and tricotine, which are perfect for suits or trench coats.

It is the coming together of excellent raw materials, namely the finest Super 150’s wools and the best white china cashmere top, which gives life to a sophisticated, elegant proposal for how to dress in the colder seasons. 

The excellence of the fibers interpreted by the textile know-how of Drapers translates into fabrics with a winter look, which is, however, light and extraordinarily pleasant to wear. 

Don’t worry that it won’t stand up to the cold. Cashmere is extremely warm, and a suit made of this fine material is one you won’t want to leave exposed to the wind and snow, a coat over it is a must.

In addition to various types of animal hair fibers, there is another fabric that is also suitable for wearing all year round – denim. If you’re considering some casual styles, Dormueil’s Hamptons eco-friendly denim collection this year might interest you.

Hamptons is a seaside resort near New York City, USA, and as the name suggests, the collection is designed to infuse the rough/abrasive tannin fabrics with the leisure and coziness of vacation time. Here we can find worsted wool denim fabrics that can be used to make a single suit, that can be paired perfectly with linen pants or a woman’s long skirt or to make a suit, and you will find that a denim suit can be so elegant.

As the eco movement grows Dormueil has made it the focus of innovation for some time, One of the key features of this collection is the use of environmentally responsible materials, including fabrics made of linen, organic cotton, traceable wool, and recycled polyester.

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