Semi-bespoke 03 | The Ordinary Process From Start To Finish Of Commissioning A Suit

Semi-bespoke Video No.3 – The Process from Start to Finish of Commissioning a Suit

Commissioning a suit involves many steps. From choosing the fabric, to understanding the timing and fittings, so it’s important to know what you are getting into. Usually, we will start by asking about the TPO—Time, place and occasion. Based on TPO and where and how you will be wearing your suit, we will give you some recommendations of fabrics that are suitable.

For example, If you are looking for something that can be worn formally but also broken up more casually for the colder seasons, we might recommend a heavier wool gaberdine (thick but comfortable, soft like cotton but has a clean drape of wool) ▽

Huddersfield Wool Gaberdine Suit

If you are looking for something for your business travel that you can wear year-round, a plain weave or high twist would suit you well since it’s wrinkle-resistant and breathable ▽

Fresco Blazer

After we choose the fabric, we will discuss some basic design, such as single or double-breasted, or if you want a vest to go with the suit. 

Then, we will take the measurements. It’ll take around 25 measurements as well as analyse your posture and any other body characteristics that might affect the pattern. 

After we take the measurements we will then go into designing the suit in detail. If you don’t have any strong design preferences, we will usually walk you through the design process and keep it in-line with our house style—classical and elegant.

Finally, we will take some personal information and then 50% deposit to get started. This process of choosing the fabric to take measurements usually takes about an hour or so

2 to 3 weeks after the first appointment, we will contact you for the first fitting. It’s always best that the customer wears dress shoes and a dress shirt for the fitting. This fitting usually takes 30 minutes or so

After the first fitting, it takes about another 2 weeks to prepare the second fitting. Normally, the second fitting is much easier than the first one. We do two fittings for most customers but for some repeat customers, we can do just one fitting and deliver their suit. 

Once the suit is ready, we will contact the customer and schedule a pick-up/final fitting. It’s important to come in for your final fitting because this way we can make notes if there is anything else that we should be aware of, whether that be a pattern adjustment or even a personal preference that we can take note of for future reference. 

A Quick Wrap-up of the process/

01- Initial Consultation 60-90min

Waiting time: 2-3 weeks

02 – 1st Fitting 30-60min

Waiting time: 2 weeks

03 – 2nd Fitting 30-60min

Waiting time: 2 weeks

04 – Pick-up Finish Suit

Total time: 6-8 weeks

Our starting price for Semi-bespoke is 9800 RMB for a two-piece suit. We also do a lot of separate jackets and trousers(75% and 30% of the suit price, respectively). The entire process from start to finish usually takes around 6 weeks

As a follow-up service, we do free adjustments on the suits (within one year) if he gains or loses a little weight. We will also offer free pressing services for the life of the garments if you ever want to bring in your trousers or jacket to get a fresh press.

This is the second part in a 5 part series that we will roll out over the next five months to help you better understand what we do. Each part will include a video and article. The five part series consist of:

I.What is Semi-Bespoke?

II.PRINCIPLE M Semi-bespoke style, fit and cut of the suit

III.The Process of Commissioning a Semi-Bespoke Suit from Start to Finish

IV.Technical Aspects: Cutting, Fitting and Finishing

V.Semi-Bespoke from a Customer’s Perspective

If you have further questions, want to have a look at our shop or are interested in starting a suit, please message us and we will set up a time to meet at our shop. 

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