Suit Geek 10 | A Musician On Classical Menswear

“Suit Geek” is our feature column where each month we reach out to one of our loyal customers & friends and ask him to share his work, life and his unique point of view on tailored suits & gentlemen‘s style. 

On our tenth interview for “Suit Geek”, also the last one of this year, we invited our client & friend Mr. Hongwei. Hongwei is a musician and an investor. Today Hongwei tells us stories about his other passion in life apart from music – classical menswear. He shares how he dresses himself on and off camera, some lifestyle stories, such as his love for Equestrian, and one of his favourite bars he recommends to us. 


“I’m Hongwei, from Joyside.”

/On His Very First Suit

“My first suit was ready-to-wear. I got it when I was 16 or 17. I didn’t get it for any certain occasion, just purely out of interest in classical menswear.”

“I didn’t know much about bespoke at that time, just thought that men should wear suits. So I bought a black suit.” 

Joyside Band, Hongwei is the first one on the right

/On His Journey to Tailoring

Why did you decide to wear a tuxedo on the show?

“For me, being on the camera and recording a TV show counts as a formal occasion, so I thought I should wear something formal. Also, the song I was performing wasn’t a super upbeat song, which allows me to play (my guitar) a bit more gently. That was why I went with a tuxedo.“

“I like that one a lot!“

On <The Big Band 2> Show

“I really like the classical menswear. They (other band members) sometimes think I dress myself a little bit too formal, but I like it that way, it fits my personality, too.

The clothes I wear I mostly select them myself, so I don’t really mind what others think of it.

“I found Principle M online, three or four years ago. I wanted to do tailored suits, so I looked it up online, went through a bunch of stores. I just had a feeling that PM is the most suitable one for me, and that’s why I’m here.”

Navy Donegal Suit
Made by PRINCIPLE M in 2018 for Hongwei

Would you still wear suits when you go out?

“Depends on the occasion, and what I’m going to do. I like casual stuff sometimes, mostly I’ll dress according to different occasions. However, a suit (or jacket) is a must!

(Justin: that’s exactly what I want to hear haha.)

Green Kerry Knoll Jacket
Made by PRINCIPLE M in 2019 for Hongwei

“I really like the PM Safari Kruger. It’s really easy to carry around with me, and comfortable for an outerwear jacket.“

Hongwei in PRINCIPLE M Safari Kruger on the left

/On His Lifestyle

“I can’t cook. Don’t have the gift for cooking, haha. I wanted to learn though, but after a couple of tryouts, I realised I just didn’t have that in me.“ 

“If you want whisky, I recommend PeKinG Bar. They have a bunch of stuff you can’t normally find in China, he literally carries everything from other countries himself. ”

“I used to go out a lot, now I’m just too busy. I go to the stable and ride, stay at home, or going to the studio. It’s very healthy right? I barely go out drinking now.“

“It’s been six or seven years since I first started riding. I like it so much, madly in love, you could say.“

“I have a friend who studied at Oxford, he played polo in university. I saw him play once, and I thought, that looks so cool, I want to do that, too! He told me, if you want to play polo, you gotta learn how to ride a horse. So, I went to learn riding and soon fell in love with equestrian, showjumping. It’s very interesting, then I chose this over a polo, haha.“

“Riding generates dopamine, which will make you feel excited.”

Do you have a favourite song that you write?

“My songs? I don’t like them that much, haha.”


“For me, when I write a song, right after I finish it, I like it and feel good about it. But then you put it aside, you kind of forget the feeling, too. Because I have to move on and write the next song. I always think that my next song is better. Writing songs is a self-evolving process.

Can you recommend a song that you write for us?

“Maybe our first song after the reunion, If There Is A Tomorrow. I composed and produced it. That song was different from what we used to be.”

“I studied music when I was 13. I remember I went to this big shopping mall with my mom, looking for instruments. First I saw a drum, then I said I could do that! My mom said no, this is too loud. But I still wanted to learn something. Then I saw an electrical guitar hanging on the wall, I said, I want to learn that. My mom still said no, that’s loud too. But I was pretty stubborn on it, and that’s how I started learning guitar. Later, I went to music school and studied composing.

Justin: “I wish I could say I didn’t have any regrets, but I’ve always wanted to learn guitar, or piano.” 

Hongwei: “Sure, why not!”

Justin: “Maybe later, we’ll see.”

Hongwei: “And we can start a band together Justin! Haha.”

Interviewer: Justin
Editor: Carrie
Photographer: Adora
Produced by PRINCIPLE M

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