Suit Geek 17 | Starting From Bespoke then Made-To-Measure, What Really Is The Difference?

“Suit Geek” is PRINCIPLE M’s original feature column where each month we reach out to one of our loyal customers & friends and ask him to share his clothing, life, and his unique point of view on gentlemen‘s style.

For our 17th interview, we invited a new friend Mr. Sun Jingsheng. Today he wants to share his experience on purchasing PM Ready-to-wear and Made-to-measure suits, as well as his thoughts on our Semi-bespoke products. For those who just entered the classical menswear world, you might find some inspiration throughout his sartorial journey.

“My name is Sun Jingsheng, friends like to call me ‘Da Sheng’. I was born in 1986. It was the year the TV show ‘Journey to the West’ was popular on television, which might have something to do with my name. (The protagonist’s name is ‘Qi Tian Da Sheng’, same ‘Sheng’ as Mr. Sun’s).”

“I work at an investment company, one of the top 10 in China. My main job is to promote and sell funds. From all of those years’ work, I learned something – to describe a complicated thing in a simple way, it’s not easy. Just like making suits. They all kind of look like the same, but actually only the person who wears it knows if it’s comfortable or he is satisfied.”

I started following PRINCIPLE M in 2019. At first, I only bought pocket squares and ties on Taobao shop. Last year I was gonna buy ready-to-wear, then I found out that you also do bespoke. So I asked the staff and learned that your store is actually just located right under where I live. What an amazing coincidence!”

“I commissioned my first suit at PM in the spring, it was a purple-ish suit. The reason I chose this colour is because I already have lots of navy suits, so I wanted something different. But when I received that suit and put it on, I instantly felt that it was my own suit. The fit was great, different from everything I’ve worn. So I immediately made another order to make a navy suit, so that I can wear it to work more often.” 

Frontier is British fabric provided by Harrison’s classic selection, also one of PM’s most popular fabric books. The weight is 300g of 100% wool. It’s a four-season choice with a variety of fabric selections including plain colours, classic checks, and stripes.

“You will know if the suit is made for you the first time you wear it. I preferred English cut before, it was conservative and able to make others feel a sense of seriousness. But then I realised that how YOU feel, if it’s comfortable enough, matters more.”

“After I made those two suits (purple and navy), I bought ready-to-wear trousers but made a few adjustments on the length. I really liked the fabric, it was altered really fast, and a great fit and design. So, I added a matching MTM jacket using the same fabric to make it a full suit.“

PM by Principle M
Ready-to-wear Collection

“The reason I did the jacket made-to-measure was because of the timing – it was faster. Actually, the Ready-to-wear already fits me pretty well. But I wanted to make it fit a little better. Last time I was at the shop I saw the newest RTW Three-piece Suit. I ordered that one in made-to-measure, too”

“For me, you can’t make mistake with navy and charcoal suits. But I also like to try other different things. It’s life, you can’t just ‘work work work’. So during the weekends I would wear something colourful or lighter, like the most recent two linen jackets that I made.”

Solbiati’s Art du lin is PM’s most popular selection in the summer for linen suits or jackets. It feels soft, with a nice drape, it’s designed for those who are looking for advanced linen fabrics.

“For those who just entered classical menswear’s world, I recommend to try Ready-to-wear suits first, then Made-to-measure, later bespoke. It is a process, first, you find your style, then you find the right fit for you.”

Mr. Sun and PM’s founder Justin

“From what I’m doing or just in general, there are a lot of things that are measured by numbers and statistics, like Quantitative Funds, which is to thoroughly analyze different markets then make investment decisions accordingly. People always think that technology will replace human labor or mine, but no matter which market, investment, or suits, all require experience. It looks the same from the outside, but we’re all different, too.” □ PRINCIPLE M

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