Principle M-made to measure- beijing tailor

Principle M three pieces suit. Smith Woollens Botany 100% pure merino Wool.

Principle M offers a range of fabrics from Italy and the U.K. such as Scabal, Harrisons, W Bill, Loro Piana, Hardy Minnis, Vitale Barberis Canonico, Reda and more. All of our suiting is fully canvassed and hand finished. Suiting typically takes five to six weeks and the process includes a toile fitting and one or two real cloth fittings.

Suiting Process

At your first appointment, you will sit down with our image consultant and designer to choose your cloth, have your measurements taken and decide on the details of your suit.

About ten days to two weeks later a toile (dummy suit) is made to conduct a first fitting. Major issues on your pattern and any changes in design will be addressed at this point, before cutting your actual cloth.

Two to three weeks after the toile fitting, a real cloth fitting will be conducted before finishing the suit.

Hand finishing such as pick stiching and hand stitched buttonholes will be applied during the last week.